As you fire up your dream of migrating to Canada, you need to be rest assured that you are not alone in this pursuit and we have got you covered with 7 Easy Ways To Migrate To Canada And Also, You can get to achieve your dream.

1. Study Permit: Canada is one of the country out there that you can travel to for your studies. As Canada has some of the best educational system in the world (Which Includes World Class Universities and Collages) It may surprise you that while you may go to Canada with your student Visa, you are also allowed to work, the work in Canada could come in more benefits if you desire Permanent Residence (PR) of which a long time job could be helpful especially if you plan an extended stay after your program

2. Spousal Sponsorship: There had never been any simpler way to become part of a country than leveraging its marital system, unlike other countries where marrying a citizen can make you an outright citizen, this is not the case in Canada although marrying a Canadian can grant you access to Canada, but for the sake of this article, we would focus on migration to Canada but if you are interested in obtaining Canadian citizenship read that here. With Spousal Sponsorship. It is advisable also that you marry for love and other benefits of marriage instead of marrying just for the sake of travelling to Canada also worthy of note is that there is massive punishment for those who had ulterior motives of marriage especially if you are busted in a fake marriage scandal.

In this category, it may take about two years for your marriage to be authenticated as you will be under the monitor of the Canadian emigration.

One of the simple requirements is to marry your spouse in your country of citizenship or elsewhere apart from Canada. You will afterwards get overseas sponsorship

You may also use other methods to travel to Canada like a Visitor’s visa, then get married to your Canadian partner over there and apply for inland Sponsorship.

3. Trade Agreements: This is one of the easy ways to travel to Canada but here you must be connected to a company that operates in Canada, has a branch in Canada or in contract with a company of Canadian domicile.

Owing to the trade agreement between Canada and some countries which makes for personnel transfer within a company you can only take advantage of this method if your country is in such agreement with Canada, this option however is currently limited to the following countries 1. Chile 2. Jordan 3. Peru 4. Colombia 5. Liechtenstein 6. Switzerland 7. Costa Rica 8. Mexico 9. United States of America 10. Iceland 11. Norway 12. Israel, 13. Panama

If you find yourself in this scenario, then you may as well apply for Permanent Residence (Link to Permanent document if any) after working in Canada for one year.

4. Secure a Job with Work Permit: You can also take advantage of the work permit system to actualize your dream of travelling to Canada. For many people, this option serves as a reliable means of entry into Canada especially if your country is not currently in the trade agreement that enables inter personal transfer but you will need a labour market impact Assessment (LMIA) to utilize this option. The LMIA maintains that unless no Canadian is available or qualified for a job, foreigners may not be considered (Read more about the LMIA here).

5. International Experience Canada (IED): This program provides young individuals from different countries the opportunity to travel to Canada and work especially during holidays and vacations, usually such individual is issued an open work permit, age range for this category is usually between 18 and 35 years. This category is for you if your answer is yes to any of the following

(a) You Currently do not have a job offer

(b) You wish to work for different employer while in Canada

(c) You aim to work in different locations

(d) You aim to earn some more money for travel or other objectives


These are the list of participating countries for this program currently

  1. Australia, 2. Denmark, 3. Japan, 4. Norway, 5. Taiwan, 6. Austria, 7. Estonia, 8. South Korea, 9. Poland, 10. Ukraine, 11. Belgium, 10. France, 12. Latvia, 13. Slovakia, 12. United Kingdom, 13. Chile, 14. Germany, 15. Lithuania, 16. Slovenia, 17. Costa Rica, 18. Hong Kong, 19. Mexico, 20. Spain, 21. Croatia, 22. Ireland, 23. Netherlands, 24. Sweden, 25. Czech Republic, 26. Italy, 27. New Zealand, 28. Switzerland. Note that for some of these counties, people over 29 or 30 may no longer be eligible for the program.

An advantage of this program is that you can use your experience while at it to apply for permanent residence through the CEC which is a federal trade program for skilled workers or a skilled worker and semi-skilled labour program of a province.

6. Visitor Visa: This Visa category is specifically for visitors, with this visa category, you are not allowed to work as such you are not allowed to look for jobs, it will do you good not to mention to the immigration or border controls that you are looking for job, if you are ever asked for your purpose of visit while on a Visitor Visa category or If by any means you find yourself having to answer that question, your closest bet will be telling the officer or individual that your aim is sight-seeing.

While spending time in Canada, meeting people and living the best of your Canada Visitor life, you might be lucky if you did a clean networking with the people, you may find enough connection that can guarantee you of a job when your stay expires.


7. Start a Business: Another reliable way of moving to Canada is by starting a business in Canada, Canada is advocating for innovative businesses that could provide Jobs for Canadians and compete globally. If you are an entrepreneur and have enough money, this Visa category may be for you as your businesses could also take advantage of the friendly Canadian business environment and smart cities.

I do drastically believe that if you follow this complete guide, on ways to migrate to Canada, you will definitely succeed in your adventure to migrate to Canada. Good luck.

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